Apiculture is part of the Forestry mod in many Feed the Beast mod packs. In Apiculture, you have the option of breeding bees to yield copious amounts of resources, or you can experiment with bees through BeeDNA and mutations. The first thing you will need is a Scoop. This is how you craft a Scoop:

X = Wool (Any Color or White) O = Stick

O X O O O O = 1


Now that you've got a Scoop, start exploring for hives. Now, hives are found all over the land. Each type of hive yields different bees and sometimes, different honey combs. Here's the list of hive types:

Overworld: Forest Meadows Desert Jungle Snow Swamp Water Rock Marble

Nether: Nether (duh!)

End: Endenic

To get the bees inside hives, right click with a Scoop. Note that Scoops do not last long, just like short-lived Grafters, another tool in Forestry.

Once you've gotten yourself a vast variety of different bees, it's time to start making some Forestry machines. After making three important machines like the Squeezer, Centrifuge and Carpenter, you will need some engines that produce MJ/t to power them. A good suggestion is to find lots of fuel and place Stirling Engines right next to Water to prevent any overheating. To start the engines, simply apply a Redstone signal to said Engine. Now that you've got that solved, it's time to bust out some Apiaries! This is how to craft an Apiary:

X = Vanilla, not Redpower Wooden Slabs (any kind of Wood) V = Wooden Planks O = Impregnated Casing

X X X V O V = 1 V V V

To get an Impregnated Casing, this is how to make it:

In a Carpenter:

X = Log

X X X X X = 1 X X X

You will need Seed Oil in order for this to work. To get Seed Oil, power a Squeezer and fill it with Seeds. After your Seeds are squeezed, extract the Seed Oil using a Pipette or some Cans. Here's how to craft both:


X = Glass Pane O = Wool (Any Color or White)

 X    = 1



X = Tin Ingot


X X = 12